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Chomping at the bit for another shot of self-analysis
She says it's fire water, try and sip slow
Bought the realistic
On a frozen lake ballistics went off around the ice
Now we're swimming below
Not impressed with her flotation vest
Got her hair all wet, broke her shiny white pearls
She gave me mental freeze
She gave me ballerinas
Gave me crystal black cave scratch
She's down for anything
Chris lord alge is a knight on the board
Makes a mix that cuts through tinsel and deflects off a sword
Soundtracked backseat seppuku gutting more than the core
Beat the teen center heat licking lips on all fours
Not amused by her maintenance bruise
On an outerspace mission stealing chapstick at the mall
Put on "blue in green"
It gives me psycho dreams
It makes me wanna screw the entire team
Makes me do anything
Behind the movie screen
Would you hear that scream
She's gonna stab at the heart of the fling
Such a pretty thing
When her hair's not clean
When she's twisting the blade in deep

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