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You're a killer but i don't blame you
I guess you have to kill a few
When you're as cutthroat as you are
Said you loved me and i don't doubt that
I doubt the shaking of your hands
As you pushed the needle down into my neck
First you moved away
You left me starving in the august heat
Chowing down on the dirt you walked on
But i don't blame you
I guess you have to starve a few
When you're as bloated as you are
It was fine in better times
When you pulled thorns out of my feet
And fought off bears that threatened me
And let me ride in your front seat
Oh you put me so down
So low these lumps of body melted with the ground
Imaginary friend, that's all i can be
Just floating inside your bad dreams
But i don't blame you
You choke me you play cruel
But i don't blame you
I grinned through it all
I was your good dog

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