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Rising Chaos (Ragnarök I) - text

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The devastation of our world is at hand
Led by war and hipocrisy
Even the gods, mighty and strong
Have to take the blame for the end of the world
A war will rage for many decades
Brother kills brother – father kills son
No mercy for those who will fall
Only hatred will reign
Stormsclouds fill the sky with darkness - Ice and snow covers the earth
The four winds devastate the land - The Finbulwinter´s near
The Fenrirwolf arises - To devour the sun
The world is drowned in darkness - It´s the beginning of the end
The earth starts to shake - As the Midgardsnake
Crawls through the sea - To unleash her endless wrath
As mountains start to burst - The flood covers the land
The ground opens his mouth - And devoures what has been left alive
The heaven bursts as Surtr appears
His sword of flames shines brighter than the sun
Heimdall blows the Gjallarhorn
To exclaim the Dawn of Gods

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Dawn of Gods


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