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Embrace the Darkness - text

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The sreams of agony and madness arise
I sense the smell of blood
A piercing slash that drains my strength
Lays my body to the ground
Sand that flow through my fingers
Knows my time has finally come
As the darkness embraces me
My whole life is gone
(the) Gates of Darkness are open for me
The ancestors call my name
(as) Death welcomes me with open arms
I know (that) my time has come
A heavy burden is lifted frm me
Ridden from the wheight of life
(I have) no fear of whats awaiting me
I m not afraid to die
Farewell my friend-don't bow your head in grief
As I hear the Valkiers call
I will go on with my journey which has just begun
What was should never be
All that has been has vanished
Memories of past nad present
Will perish forever
I see my family before my eyes
There is no reason for grief
Cause my journey has come to an end

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