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It all began – at the point
Where sea and sky united
There has been a nation
who left to conquer a foriegn land
driven by hunger they moved on
marching through day and night
they could never know
whether they survive - the other day
in their fight - for honor and pride
they fought in endless battles
in the name of the gods they worship
in a fight for thier land and blood
Wotan´s wrath and the power of the storm
Thor´s strength and Mjolnir´s might
They proudly marched into the battle that could be their last
The storm came up made by their gods
Thunder and lightning smashed the sky
Darkness covered the battlefield
And the rain was mixed with blood
They fought in wars – with a babaric wrath
Held their sword in honour and pride
To hail their gods above
Who unleashed the bloodstorm

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