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Nothing Shall Come Between Us - text

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I've fallen for affection, I've fallen before
A shadow descended and clunged to my door
But I price back its fingers and spit in its eye
Prick his black heart in two
I'll let nothing come between me and you
The smell of adventure from under the veil
A taste of salvation from her holy grail
A belly of promise, an arm full of sky
But now I know what's really true, I'll let no one come between me and you
I left you behind me and took all your trust
Went into the city on a red four A bus
But now I'm returning my hands by my side
And shuffle shinned in my shoes, nothing no more come between us
You spoke like you're loved, so that I can belong
And slowly a hole became more that the walls
A garden to grow in and live in and die
And kisses which hold me like a glue
Nothing shall come, nothing shall come between me and you

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