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Mr. Nobody - text


He's disappearing, one limb at a time
Nobody bothers or blinks
See him through keyholes, a victim of crime
As his reputation shrinks.

A wife and three children he kissed by the door
A telephone call, when he left
Now he's betrayed by the one that he trusts
That old faithful kiss of death


He's Mr Nobody - he doesn't see that his moment won't last
Oh! Mr Nobody - soon he'll be slipping off into the past

He's from an old world of train tracks and tramps
Damsels and villainous grins
Old shaky ladders and kerosene lamps
Romance and violins

Now he's a relic, a fading antique
A sad and embarrassing fool
Lost his last chance when they started to speak
And broke all the rules, so throw out the weak
We'll have to be cruel and hope that he disappears.


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