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Thorns - text



If I die (if I die)

Put the roses on my grave

But please don’t cry (please don’t cry)

Cause every night that I saw your face

It made this worth it

Girl your perfect

I’m sorry that I wasn’t ever there for you

I know I hurt you

Did you dirty

But baby you know that I’m scared of the truth

I know you hate me

And girl that’s okay

Cause girl I really fucking hate me too

But baby lately

I’m going crazy

Just tryna think of something I could say to you


I got a bottle in my right hand till the pain is gone

Got the blade in my left hand blood on my palm

Got your face in my head while I write this song

Imma take my life just to right my wrongs

Baby I didn’t mean to break you

I know that it’s all my fault

Every time I said I hate you

It’s cause you reminded me of myself

Left you alone

I been chasin dreams with my team on the road

You callin my phone

I wrote you a song

I hope you can hear it before I’m gone


Text přidala DeadInside

Video přidala DeadInside

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