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Suicide drive - text


So baby if I wrote this letter to you

Would you even write back would you have any clue

Yea I know a lot of time past baby it’s true

But I wanna get it all back and spend it with you

And if I ripped my heart out and died for you

Would you finally love me like they do in the movies

I been tryna get my life on track it’s cool

Cause baby now the cameras come out and shoot me

But I would give it all up to have you By my side

I been talkin with the demons and they want my life

Every night I go to bed and I see you cry

You’re the reason that I’m scared when I close my eyes

I been havin trouble stayin steady tonight

Now Vision gettin blurry when I’m sippin the sprite

You done gone so far if you ever reply

Send your note to 666 suicide dr.

If I took my life tonight

Would you. Would you even cry

You’re the only thing on my mind

But baby now.. I’m runnin out of time


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