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Carolyn's Hook - text


Yo I ain't got no hook for this jam. Here we go, here we go. I'm just
gonna let yall feel the music on the hooks. Know what I'm sayin?

In the rancho everybody knows Carlos
Still riding y still fumando arbols
I'm locked up with my gente, no ay salida
Tryna finish up this book about my vida
On appeal and it's gonna take a full year,
They askin me if I wana go to school here
At a time when a person really needs a friend,
I'm thinking bout getting back on them streets again,
I gave the Benz to Happ and the Vet to Beesh
I hope they use em to ride on my enemies,
I got two left whats up young Q Hueff
I heard my brother just singed up a new cheff,
Lucky Lu, the Screwston Freestyler
Ya'll just wishing that the Dope House would die huh?
I heard you boys talking down bumpin lips
But big mouths is only good for sucking dicks,
When I was free non of ya'll stepped to me,
Now that I'm locked you is hoes disrespectin me
I'll be out before you bitch niggas count to ten
But I can touch you way before I'm out the pen,
No names I don't play that silly game
You smokin too much weed you ain't no killa mayne,
I bring vengeance can't put it all in one sentence
But if there is a hell I can show you to the entrance

Ohh. Mother fucker oh yeah. Ohh. And this shit don't stop. Ohh. I told
you they wouldn't stop me. Haha. Uhh. Here we go. Two verses.

[Verse 2]
Everybody's day comes, I fucken ate crumbs
I'm not a star but now I date some
Those who knew me as child growing up
See my Benz turn around and starting throwin up,
What ya'll think that I'm happy cuz a new car?
They come to me saying "I don't care who you are,
I knew you when you wasn't nothin, you still ain't!
You just Carlos Coy but on a lil tape,
You think you bad with your big house and fancy ride
But a man is only good for what he has inside"
So I say "Then why are you so mad?
Have you ever heard of me to go brag?
On this earth I'm no better than anybody
I was more happier and without any money.
I haven't changed not one lil bity-bit
To be honest ya'll the ones who really did.
Hating me cuz you live in misery
But there's other ways to take your kids to Disney
No revenge I just want my family and friends
Fuck the benz and you can have the millions
All I want is a worm and a fishing pole
Behind bars it's the little things you miss the most
All the parties the clubs they don't mean nothin
I miss telling little kids they can be something"
Give em hope cuz I know they up against the odds
Tell em do they best leave the rest to God,
Man I know they make you feel like you don't belong
Can't see your own kind on the show that's on
Lil homie that's only cuz they scared of us
Don't play me they say cuz I bear too much
I'm not negative but tryna be a pessimist
But your fear got you hating on the Mexicans

[Hook: Carolyn Rodriguez]
Fuck these jelous hoes
Playa hatin hoes
They fuckin with my Los
Ohh ohh ohh ohh
I gave you my whole life
My body and my mind
My love and my time
You know I'll rise
Oh it's DopeHouse that's for life
I told you bitches once
And now I'll tell you twice
It's DopeHouse for life
The home of the brave
These hatas can not play
You can try it your own way
And see your day
For all my g's on lock
For those who rep they bock
For those who's in the box
You know we don't stop

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