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All right

Some people get their kicks
When they breed confusion
Comin' on with miracle licks
But it's only illusion
And all the while, your real thing
Talking 'bout your real thing
Slips right on by, oh yeah

Hey hey yeah!

Well, I'm not here to meet your expectations
'Specially while you're out in the street
Chasing cheap imitations
I'm here to tell you that your real thing
You better believe that your real thing
Slips right on by, oh yeah

Well, the grass looks so much greener
In somebody else's backyard
I hate to be the one to hip it to you, baby
But the truth is bound to hit you hard
I know it's kind of hard for you to get to (it's so hard)
But I can't be controlled (it's so hard)
Things that I get off on, baby
Can't be bought and sold (real thing)
Oh yeah

Hey hey yeah!

Baby, you have no idea
What I've just been through
And there are no more corners here
That they can back us into
They're all lookin' for the real thing
So don't you ever let your real thing
Get away from you

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