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My Fondest Memories / For Your Precious Love - text


I remember things to which my heart still clings
A dusty school year book
The funny photographs they took
Insignificant maybe my fondest memories

Whoa, we did the best we could
Some days were not so good
We stumbled and we fell
Got up and still gave it hell
Remembering how you cried
When all these echoes died
All these things remain my fondest memories

Your precious love
Means more to me than any love could ever be
For when I wanted you I was so lonely, so blue
That's that what love can do

And darling, they say that our love won't grow
But I just wanna tell them that they don't know
For as long as you're in love with me
Our love will grow wider, deeper than any sea

(I'm so surprised), oh at first to realize
That you weren't fooling me
And of all the things that I want
In this whole wide world
It's just for you to say that you'll be my girl

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