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(Oh, I feel so good I can't believe it)
(With a-one, two)
(A-one, two, three, four)

(Now, we're cookin')
(Ha, ha, ha, ha)

Maybe, baby, I was born under a bad sign
I find it very difficult to walk a straight line
(You know what I'm talkin' 'bout, too)
Yeah, but I want everybody to know
Everywhere I go
I'm proud as hell to say that I'm a misfit
(My war, baby, you know I'd come back)

Everybody said I wouldn't amount to much
Yeah, but now they get a look
But they sure don't get no touch
(Good God, I make shure of that)
Now they hate it 'cause I'm free
'Cause they know they'll never be
Then they label me a crazy misfit
(Yeah, they'd that feelin')

I'd gladly share the secrets of the universe
Lord, but I may as wall be talkin' to the walls
(All right)
They only get uptight
And that makes matters worse
Lord, I guess before you run, you got to crawl

(Whoa, here we go now!)
(Ah, that's sure cool and celestial)
(Ah, we're rockin')
(Woo-hoo, oo-hoo, yeah)
(All right, misfit)

Well, you know the last thing
I would want to do is bring you down
(God knows you don't need it)
Yeah, but I've made my plans
And it don't call for leavin' town, ha ha, ha
(Thought I'd let you in on it)
So, if you should happen to see me
Drivin' by in my Mark III
I wish you'd just think of me as just one of your misfits, ha
(Would you do me a favor?)

Now here we go!

(Woo, good God)

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