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If I make one mistake, you'll hear it on the news
Well I'm only human
And God knows I've really paid my dues
Just to be in the human race
And to run this frantic pace
Requires enough amphetamine to blow a fuse
Whoa, my life is public property, it's not my own
There are people on my back
Who won't leave me alone
And the reason that I go on living
Is just a chance to go on giving
And smile when there's no reason
Because I'm well known
'Cause I'm a star, a star
Burnin' up the highway, drivin' a fancy car
I'm a star
Said I'm a star, a star
And I've played every club, every roadhouse, every bar
I'm a star, whoa
And if I'm ashamed or proud
It depends upon the crowd
No matter who they are
'Cause I'm a star
Well, it makes no difference
Where I go to hide away
You know somebody whispers:
"He recorded 'Games People Play'"
Then they walk right up to me
Just as bold as they can be
Then I'm on stage again
I must watch what I say
Now everybody thinks that I don't have a care
'Cause they don't know the pressure
That I have to bear
So, I party all night long
While I listen to everybody's song
And say, "They're great"
'Cause that's the thing they wanna hear
'Cause I'm a star, a star
Racing through the gate with my suitcase and guitar
I'm a star
Said I'm a star, a star
My life depends on who my real friends are
I'm a star
Yeah, when I'm up I can play the clown
But if you catch me when I'm down
I'd gladly give up being what I am
For what you are

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