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God Forgave Me - text


God forgave me, why can't you?
Why do yo punish me now
For the things that I used to do?
I'm not the same as I used to be
And if you don't believe it
Then set me free
God forgave me, why can't you?

God really loves me, now why don't you?
Just when every thing looks rosey
You always take the other view
When I was fallin' all to pieces
And the pieces sort of fell on you
God forgave me, why can't you?

I can't tie you down
And tell you what to do, no
And I don't have the right
To say what not to do
And you can shine your friends on
They think you hung the moon
And your words sound so sincere
But to me it's the same old tune, yeah

Yeah, God forgave me, so how 'bout you?
Am I condemned without a trial
For the things that you think I do?
Unless you've never been wrong before
Why don't you sweep around your own back door?
God forgave me and why can't you?
God forgave me, why can't you?
God forgave me, why don't you?

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