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Coming Down All Alone - text


Ain't it bad coming down all alone
Ain't it sad coming down all alone
When you feel like you wanna die
And you'd give anything if you could only get high
Walking the floor
Coming down all alone

How does it feel coming down all alone
It's unreal coming down all alone
You got started on the wrong track
That old monkey won't get off your back
That's what it is you're coming down
Coming down all alone.

There's a dude with a plan
Gonna lend you a hand
And help you to endure
Soon you'll believe
That there's no kind of bummer
That a dime bag couldn't cure
First thing you know
You're in too deep
And everybody knows but you
You know that you're dying
Just a little at a time
And you know in your heart it's true
And you know what you've got to do.

But God, ain't it a drag
Coming down all alone
I need a witness
It ain't my beg
Coming down all alone
Now when your friends turn their back on you
You don't know where to go or what to do
Ain't it bad coming down, coming down all alone
Help me now
Ain't it sad coming down all alone.

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