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I see an old man sittin' on a park bench
Lookin' in the skies when he can see the mouth-stench
Of the [?], of the people walkin' and talkin' nonsense
In the park I see a man sittin' there
With a newspaper under his head and hair
I think
He would be down for me to tell him that he'd been waiting 'round here for all of his life
It took time for the soul to come
When it came, I saw the same old scene over and over again, my friend
People's talkin' and squawkin' in the park
Sittin' on a bench
Thinkin' 'bout things
I think of all the people of the park
Sleepin' in the street
Livin' from their hearts
Sleepin' in the street
Livin's kinda hard
Sleepin' in the street
People fall apart
There's a park bench that's painted black and white
And when you sleep there
It won't get wet when you wake up
Because the trees are withered
And so you dry in the sunlight
You sit there and you prepare to make a move
And so you go through each and every can
Lookin' inside tryin' to see somethin' that you didn't
See last night, wantin' to get somethin' to eat
And you go down the street
You see some friends of yours and then they all speak
You sayin' "what's happenin' man"
"You sleepin' in the park again"
"Yeah nothin' but a survival thang
You know what I'm sayin'?
Then again my friend"
All they want to do is play you like you are a fool
But I know better
You're safe from school through this stay cool
Mark, you are misskewed
An' now I know better
I maintain black
We'll overcome
In the sun
On the bench in the park
Where you lay when it's dark
And it's wet 'cause it's raining on you
You have newspapers and you'd like to go home
But you can't 'cause you just got put out on your own
You're thinkin' 'bout your kids
You're thinkin' 'bout your girl
You're thinkin' of all the things you did
You see the children play
You hear the people barely look at you
Laughing while they run away
Sleeping in the street
Living from the heart
Sleeping in the street
People fall apart
In the park
Where are
These different people
Walkin' round lookin' at themselves far
As if they were somethin'
But they ain't nothin', they frontin'
Not an equal double standard
Aw these people are something
Perched on the edge of all time
And yet they search for drums imperial dreams
Similarly so barred
Can't buy my soul, won't sell my soul to the Devil
On the other level
Never with another rebel under trouble
Aw no, I'll never see you go down
My people can't go down, no no

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