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There's a poisonous spider i saw yesterday
it's living inside her it hisses and says
that there's not much worth doing these days
and things aren't like they used to be anyway
I went in to get it with the heel of my shoe
but all through her body i ran into you
oh and why don't you leave her alone
you've chewed enough off of her bones
A spider has legs and he uses them to crawl
you don't see them move but you're feeling them all
when you tug at the hem of my sleeve
and say things i know you don't believe
I'll talk to him though maybe he needs a fly
i'll show him my wings and my twenty green eyes
and i'll draw his attentions away
and i'll feed him just fine for a day
And the next day i'll show him the way to the door
and i'll make it clear that he's welcome no more
and then we'll never see him again

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