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The pain forms a circle with a light at the center
I can see it from here the end is coming
And all the wait, it was for nothing
I covered you in royal jelly
I made you queen and you forgave me
We'll be given the world in the right time
But we made our own and left it empty
This will be ours
'cause we're the concept
And we're the flawed
And we're the answer
You said to me it won't be long now
You'll leave the world and you will join me here
My flesh is afraid but I am not
Cause love now is only the pain of needing
They took your smell, they took your shadow
And i'm searching through faces for someone familiar
I clawed and I clawed but I couldn't find you there
You wouldn't wake I couldn't sleep for years
This will be ours
'cause we're the the concept
And we're the flawed
And we're the answer
And we're the stars
It won't be long now
It will be ours
It will be ours
Creation was the only word that made you feel
You never were an endless hope
Is all it was and holding sacred all were and don't forsake the way we were
And don't tell me you never would
And we don't need physical things to make us feel
And make us dream when earth cracks open
And swallows then we'll never be tired again
And we'll be given everything the moment we realize we're not in control
And all you know gets older when the sun goes down
And everything begins to fade away the waves have come
And taken you to sea never to return to me

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