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1x01 - California - Phantom Planet video
1x01 - Show me by Cham Pain video
1x01 - Sweet Honey by Slightly Stoopid video
1x01 - All around the world by Cooler Kids video
1x01 - Swing, Swing by The All American Rejects video
1x01 - Hands Up by Black Eyed Peas video
1x01 - I'm a player by KGB video
1x01- Let it roll by Maximum Roach video
1x01 -Into Dust by Mazzy Star
1x01 - Honey and the moon by Joseph Arthur video
1x02 - We're going out tonight by Shady Lady video
1x02 Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley video
1x02 - Do it with Madonna by The Androids
1x02 - In your eyes by Aaron D video
1x02 - Caught By The River by The Doves video
1x02 - I'm A Terrible Person by Rooney video
1x02 - California by Rufus Wainwright video
1x03 - Rain City by Turin Brakes video
1x03 - Wanna Be Happy by Brooke video
1x04 - To Sheila by Smashing Pumpkins
1x04 - Play Some D by Brassy video
1x04 - Lazzy Days by Leona Naess
1x04 - Why Can't I by Liz Phair
1x05 - Rolling With The Heat by The Roots
1x05 - All Kinds Of Time by Fountains Of Wayne video
1x05 - Rock Like This by The Grand Skeem video
1x05 - Brick By Brick by Grade 8 video
1x05 - Let's Get Retarded by Black Eyed Peas video
1x05 - Sucka MCs by The Grand Skeem video
1x05 - The Way We Get By by Spoon video
1x06 - Hollow by Tricky video
1x06 - More Bounce (in California) by Soul Kid 1 video
1x06 - Break by Palm Street video
1x06 - Wait For Me by The Runaways video
1x06 - You're so damn hot by Ok Go video
1x07 - Into Dust by Mazzy Star (again)
1x07 - Going Under by Rockers Hi Fi
1x07 - Ritmo De Oro by Los Cubaztecas
1x07 - A Movie Script Ending by Death Cab for Cutie
1x07 - Good Day by Luce video
1x08 - La Femme D'Argent by Air
1x08 - Keep It Together by Guster video
1x09 - How Good It Can Be by The 88 video
1x09 - Don't Give Up On Me by Solomon Burke video
1x09 - Paint The Silence by South
1x10 - Breathe by Leaves video
1x10 - A Fine Romance by Stacey Kent video
1x10 - Strange & Beatiful by Agualung
1x11 - Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch video česky
1x11 - Latinos Mundial by Mellow Man Ace video
1x11 - Caravan by Gordon Jenkins video
1x11 - Different Stars by Trespassers William video
1x11 - We drink On The Job by Earlimart video
1x12 - Move On by Jet video
1x12 - If She Wants Me by Belle &Sebastian video
1x12 - Get What You Need by Jet video
1x12 - We Used To Be Friends by Dandy Warhols video
1x13 - Blue Christmas by Bright Eyes video
1x13 - Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt video
1x13 - (You Come In) Burned by The Dandy Warhols
1x13 - Maybe This Christmas by Ron Sexsmith video
1x13 - Santa Is Coming To Town by Ventures video
1x14 - Dice by Finley Quaye & William Orbit
1x14 - Flowers by The Flaming Sideburns video
1x14 - Did You Ever Get A Feeling Of Dread by Suicide Machines video
1x14 - Over Driver by Singapore Sling video
1x14 - Just A Ride by Jem video
1x14 - Ratso Rizzo by Laptop video
1x14 - Walk Away by Dropkick Murphys video
1x14 - Destiny (Photek remix) - Zero 7 video
1x14 - We've Had Enough by Alkaline Trio
1x14 - Walking On Moonlight by Brookville video
1x14 - Make Up Your Mind by The Vacation
1x15 - Popstar by Rooney video
1x15 - I'm Shakin by Rooney video
1x15 - Burn Baby Burn by Ash video
1x15 - Want In by Laptop video
1x15 - Blueside by Rooney
1x15 - Sorry, Sorry by Rooney video
1x15 - Popular mechanics for lovers by Beulah video
1x15 - Saturday morning by The Eels video
1x16 - Addicted by Enrique Iglesias video
1x16 - Its not unusual by Tom Jones video
1x16 - Away from Me by Puddle of Mudd video
1x17 - Big Sur by The Thrills video
1x17 - Cannonball by Damien Rice video
1x17 - The Spoils of the Spoiled by The New Amsterdams video
1x17 - Come into our Rooom by Clinic video
1x17 - Boombox by Mosquitos video
1x18 - Self Help by Turin Brakes video
1x18-New Resolution by Azure Ray video
1x18-Three feet tall by I am kloot video
1x18- Love of the loveless by The Eels
1x19-Wonderwall by Ryan Adams
1x19-Night Moves by Bob Seger
1x19-Summertime by The Fire Theft video
1x19-Bill Oddity by Mojave 3 video
1x19- Hello Sunshine by Super Furry Animals video
1x20-Something Pretty by Patrick Park video
1x20-Des Moines by Halloween Alaska video
1x20-Bluebird of Happiness by Mojave 3 video
1x20-Leaving Trains by James William Hindle video
1x20-Caught in The Rain by Preston School of Industry video
1x21-If You Leave by Nada Surf video
1x21-Separate Ways by Journey video
1x21-Specialist by Interpol
1x21-A Lack of Color by Death Cab for Cutie video
1x21-Alone by Trespassers William video
1x22-Get Down by Timo Maas video
1x22-Start a Fire by Radio 4 video
1x22-The Road Leads Where It's Led by Secret Machines video
1x22- Born Too Slow by The Crystal Method video
1x22-How Good It Can Be by The 88 video
1x22-Ride by The Vines video
1x23-Take Me Home by Aqualung video
1x23-Heartache by Chris Murray video
1x23-Float On by Modest Mouse video
1x23-Just A Ride by JEM video
1x24-Pillows and Records by Highwater Rising video
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