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Jordyn Kane - Terrified - text


I´m moving fast
While the world´s standing still
Creating wounds
Only I can heal

Why was it broken?
From the start
Not given a chance
To fall apart

I don´t remember
Asking for this
Asking for you
Or for that first kiss

Now I can´t breathe
Now the rain´s falling down
and I´m ripped at the seems
Feels like I´m drowning
in you but my tears
Reveal more than my fears
Cause I´m terrified

Who´s going to save me?
When the tide pulls me out
If i have to fight
I might need your help

When you´re back to give up
I´m the one who will pull you through
Heroes together
Save the world, me and you

Nothing in life ever
comes without a risk
Can´t look back now
Cause from that first kiss


I´m terrified


I´m terrified

I´m terrified

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