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Queen - I Want It All / We Will Rock You - text


I hold my money with my left
got the world in my right pocket smoke a
stoke in my right in between countin my profits poke a
face as I soak up the taste of display of women on my sofa
doin the type of things I love so much
but so what, I'm sleezy it's not easy being Joe Smut
with mo bucks than you can count, more than what's in your clutch
I could fund a small war and start a recession
the big dog, I boss hog, what I want is the question


If I dont get what I want then I'll take it and (blur?) the queasy thug
whose (?) like cheap drugs that keep me buzzed
the heat and fuzz couldn't touch me I'm outta reach because
I'm eatin lunch with a shady bunch, about to meet the judge
when people see me, they point and whisper "he's corrupt"
he couldn't care less, he's fearless, he'll give the reaper hugs
and as a kid he never took crap from no one
mud on his face, such a disgrace, cussin at grown-ups


I'm a big boss with big balls, everybody knows me
I'm a big deal, you should kneel, and crawl when you approach me
I got big bucks, big cars, I'm bigger than all the universe and its stars
I could buy your life whatever it costs
name your price, give me what I need then get lost
I could buy the blue from the sky I'm a rich hog
gimme it now, I'm not the guy you want to piss off
by any means, I get what I want and I want it all


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