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Hangin´with da Dope boys - Dangeruss feat. Ja.. - text


[Verse 1: Dangeruss]
While Peter Piper was pickin' peppers
I was sellin' yola at the corner store
I started out with 35 grams
Still got about half a O' to go
My dope block in my fort talkin'
Crack dancin' - it's moonwalkin'
In the alley, servin' buddies
Chickenheads bark-barkin'
Junkies at my door
They know the secret knock
It go one time for the reefer
Two times for the rock
Baking soda my best friend
My fork is my fiancé
My crackpot sing and dance
I call that bitch Beyoncé

Get a ounce fo $850 but the superclean cost a stack tho'
If your money right and you see the light, knock two times at the back do'
Cause my pants sagged and my ass showin'
Jeans fresh out the cleaner
What you need some beans, some weed or a couple grams a' that tina
My first gift was a toy stove
My first word was Pyrex
Used to weight it on the digit, time it on the Timex
My whip game so sick mane, I swear boy no jokin'
Sometimes I videotape it and play it back in slow motion'
Cause I'm...

Hangin' with the dopeboys
Hangin' with the dopeboys
My motherfuckin' wrist go H.A.M
Hangin' with the dopeboys
Hangin' with the dopeboys
Look at my wrist, goddamn
Hangin' with the dopeboys (x8)

[Verse 2: Dangeruss]
My plug is a Mexican
He don't speak no inglay
So I gotta translator tellin' me what he say
All we do is win, DJ
FED surveillance in my house, they got that shit on replay
I'm too real up in this bitch, I don't think you wanna touch me
All the fuck niggas hate me
All the bad bitches love me
I ain't come to walk it out, I ain't come to dougie
Bitch I'm the shit
I belong in a Huggie®
My hog tied, My wrist soaked
I just whipped up six O's
My base get paranoid
Walkin' 'round on they tiptoes
Crackers watchin' - investigation
Your dope float, levitation
All we do is count money
Every day is a celebration
See my whole life I been a street nigga
Better bring heat with ya if I beef with ya
My homeboy hike the coke and I pitch that bitch like a flea flicker
Dangeruss, you could call me Danja'
I keep that pistol on me like I'm Walker Texas Ranger
Cause I'm...


[Verse 3: Dangeruss]

My dick stand 'bout ten inches
Feelin' like a black man
I done seen so many bricks I'm feelin' like I'm Shaq man
Tattoo-crazy, shout-out to my tatt' man
I eat these motherfuckin' rappers, feelin' like I'm Pacman
They wonder how I do it, I think they want the recipe
I told 'em cocaine, baking soda, cinnamon and sesame
Dangeruss got hard white, Dangeruss got purp too
And I got 1,000 pills, them motherfuckers Smurf-blue
My sneakers ran me $200, my jeans ran me 'bout another one
Bad bitch in my backseat with her hair done chewin' bubblegum
Bitch, daaaaamn
Hangin' with the dopeboys
Hangin' with them dopeboys
Those Spring Breaker bitches...
Vanessa, Ashley, Selena, Rachel
BFFs forever

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