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This is his lair
I've seen the old fox around
He keeps himself to himself
He's staying close to the ground
I smell profit here!
Ten years ago
He came and paid for Cosette
I let her go for a song
It's time we settled the debt
This'll cost him dear
What do I care
Who you should rob
Give me my share
Finish the job!
You shut your mouth
Give me your hand
[He notices Eponine but doesn't recognize her.]
What have we here?
Who is this hussy?
It's your brat Eponine
Don't you know your own kid
Why's she hanging about you?
'Ponine, get on home
You're not needed in this
We're enough here without you
I know this house
I tell you there's nothing here for you
Just the old man and the girl
They live ordinary lives
Don't interfere
You've got some gall
Take care, young miss,
You've got a lot to say!
She's going soft
Go home, 'Ponine,
Go home, you're in the way
I'm gonna scream, I'm gonna warn them here.
One little scream and you'll regret it for a year.
[She screams.]
You wait my girl, you'll rue this night
I'll make you scream, you'll scream all right
Leave her to me, don't wait around
Make for the sewers, go underground!
[The gang scatters.]
It was your cry sent them away
Once more 'Ponine saving the day
Dearest Cosette, my friend 'Ponine
Brought me to you, showed me the way!
Someone is near
Let's not be seen
Somebody's here...
[Marius leaves quickly as Valjean enters.]
My God, Cosette
I heard a cry in the dark
I heard the shout of angry voices in the street.
That was my cry you heard, Papa.
I was afraid of what they'd do.
They ran away when they heard my cry
Cosette, my child, what will become of you?
Three men I saw beyond the wall
Three men in shadow moving fast
This is a warning to us all
These are the shadows of the past
Must be Javert!
He's found my cover at last!
I've got to get Cosette away
Before they return!
We must get away from shadows
They will never let us be
Tomorrow to Calais
Then a ship across the sea!
Hurry, Cosette, prepare to leave and say no more
Tomorrow we'll away!
Hurry, Cosette, it's time to close another door
And live another day!

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