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I wait alone up here
I'm trapped another day
Locked up here please set me free
My new life I almost see
A castle you and me...
Yes, a castle you and me

Tiz I, Tiz I upon my regal steed
Princess my love at last you shall be free
I'm strong, and brave and dashing my way there
With speed, with might, with soft and bouncy hair
Through the blistering desert [March]
Across the stormier sea [Wet]
Facing creatures so vile [Vile]
So you can gaze upon me

I knew you'd come for me and now we finally meet

I knew you'd wait and from my plate of love you'd eat

Who is this terribly ugly fiend who so rudely intervened?

Will Charming fight or will he flee

Oh please rescue me

From this monstrosity

Fear thee not honey lamb
I will slice this thing up like a ham

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Video přidal DevilDan

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