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We'rewolf by Every time I die - text


Turn the lights off, turn the lights off, your daddy better lock up his girls
Say a prayer boy, call on the cross because you ain't got no more, when the music comes on
I board up the doors and windows and keep your crying under your breath
I smell a drop of beer in a ten gallon tank and I'm moving in for the kill, yea, in the wild kingdom you don't live until you're ready to die
Which one of you sons of bitches is gonna make me feel alive?
Which one of you motherfuckers is gonna get inside me heart (attack)?
It's a full moon, denim is tight, and flannel shirt is freaking out run for your life
Cover your eyes, I don't want you to see me party this hand
I've got a bone to pick with the morning sun and the first last call but I didn't put my hair in a pony tail for nothing
So if I'm going home alone I ain't going at all, yea, I'm the wild kingdom you don't live until you're ready to die
Which one of you motherfuckers, if gonna get inside my heart?, is gonna give me a heart attack?
Look away it's too much to bear
I've been bitten by the party animal, save yourself, save yourself, tell me baby that I love her so, don't cry, don't cry
I gave the world one hell of a time and I don't regret a thing except for the time that I got caught givin' it
I never thought it world take
I had thick blood and cynical skin to where are you supposed to escape, from the creature is lurking inside of you?

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