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Trash is back by Fueled by fire - text


Denim, leather, trash is what we are
Bang your head again the stage at Baloff's command
Trashing, smashing, posers on the floor
We'll leave you on the floor, bruised and sore

Trash is back
Trash is back
Trash is back

Violence, mayhem, the crowd begins to slam
Circus pitting maniacs, trashing all around
Louder, louder, the crowd starts to scream
Saying trash is back with their fisti in the air

Trash is back
Trash is back
Trash is back

Run on the stage, jump in the crowd
They catch you as you fall from the air
The lights hit your face as you surf the crowd
You see the band of the stage

Kicked in the lead by a while high too,
The mark is left on your face, turned and tossed by the people below
Until you fall in the hole

The crowd pulls you in to the circle pit
Slamming and banging your head, a trasher falls
Your help him up, slamming the posers to death
Singing alone while your knees hit your face
Not giving a dawn who's in your way
Your hearts beating fast as your pitting away
Trash will never die

80's is when trash was made
Those were the glory days
Trash was asleep, but now it's awake
We'll never die, we're here to stay

The glory days are back
Trashers unite, scream with me
Oh, trash is back

Text přidala ArchAngel

Videa přidala ArchAngel

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