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On the offensive by From Autumn to Ashes - text


Elementary eavesdropper
There are things you cannot comprehend, did you want a kiss did you want a flower in your fist
Or was it all just make pretend, I'll follow you until the end, I'll follow

Burning down your home
Burning down
Just to rebuild it again
Burning down
I will never steal from you
Burning down
Or any of your friends
Burning down

Adolescent eavesdropper
There are things you wish you could forget
So you start to weep and you start to drink yourself to sleep
And you only kiss your cigarette
But don't we all feel sick to death or we do


You shower me with gifts
They don't fix it, I'm no purchase bastyard
Fuck up tell me right now
If you find me on the offensive
For the first time help out
Tell me right now, are you happy, how can you be, are you happy with me
You've an adult eavesdropper
And by now the roles have been reversed
And you inflict the shit
You hated as a kid
There is only one way to break this curse


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