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Needles are piecing through my skin
I'll tell you the feeling what it's like, is life just all about deception?

Please don't be a part of a fairy tale
But you're so young to play with thy own will
Should I trade the breath of my life for freedom?

CHORUS: (In the rain) I'm calling you dear
(Find the way) Can't you see me, standing right here?
(Feel my pain) Life's bleeding from fear
(Find it's place) I will g
ive it, straight from my vein

Needles are piercing through my skin
I don't fear the fucking life

This never meant I can't sit by
They say as if it takes me somewhere
Just let me swallow the faith by injection
Life better be rushing to my head, my love
I've played with this game before, to find a piece of my true self!
I'm lost within!


I'm feeling my pain
Do you feel where it's been
Can you cope with history of the world, when it's sad part of life?
Can set the shadows fade, forever fade away
I'm calling you dear, can't you see me standing right here?
Life's bleeding from fear
I'll give it straight from my vein

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Saw I.V. OST

Soundtrack - Saw IV texty

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