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Dread prevailed by The Red Chord - text


If you had not committed such, acts a curse like me would not be sent upon you
God cannot be captured in house of brick and stone
Commanding the thoughts of millions
Now the day of dread has come, disfigured there faces?
Nothing will save you, you have the nerve
You will be added to the pile of friends behind you
As we storm the ramparts
Your flesh will be my earth, fell the voice of thunder, The Time of dread ash come, feel the weight of millions of crashing down on your kingdom
Armies of million
I am the law!
The bodies fill the void, you think your shy?
You're not, mountains and homes crumble
Your death will be mine, bodies lay broken, penance fills the air
The Wind will take it away in time
All the false icons turned to dust to persecute for the cruelty
The greed, Old man speak for yourself, not for me
They satiate, the indulge, this is to prove a point
Armies of millions
I am the law
All false icons
Turned to dust, don't you dare speak for me
I can speak on my own
Dread will prevail
Dread will prevail

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