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I See Hawks in L.A. - Hallowed Ground - text


Hallowed ground was burning up my feet

I was standing out in your street

Right beneath your window

Watching your candles glow

Hallowed ground was burning up my soul

I was halfway up the telephone pole

I was calling out your name

That hallowed ground will never be the same

Hallowed ground hallowed ground

Im standing making not a sound

Hallowed ground hallowed ground

We got to get back on hallowed ground

Well the romance went the usual way

Youre in the kitchen with nothing left to say

Theres a child and a mortgage sleeping in our bed

Im wide awake with these worries in my head

After all the poems and the plans

The recipes the documents the wedding bands

Put mike stinson on the stereo

These two lonely hearts need a place to go


Little bird outside our window

You said listen he never sings the same

We listened for hours and hours

Little bird flew us away to

Our hallowed ground where our story began

Lets make breakfast with our hallowed pots and pans

The ridge has got a dusting of snow

Lets pack up the little one and go

Cause the little one has never seen the snow


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Video přidala RosalieS

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