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A Prayer (feat. Sophie Meade) - text

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When I was young
And scared of the world
My mother would sing me a song
A tune that I keep in a sacred place
'Cause I know that my life won't be long
It tells of the place where you go
When your time here on Earth is through
A beautiful place we call Heaven
Is it true?
Please, God, I pray that it's true
'Cause once this land was Heaven on Earth
Green hills were all you could see
But now it's soot and steel and brick
So it looks more like Hell to me
And each day brings more and more suffering
And each night is silence and fear
And I wake to the sound of your voice
But you're not here...
Why aren't you here?
So now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Please let me die before I wake
So the Lord my soul can take
Then maybe I'll finally find you
'Midst the beauty of Paradise
And you'll sing not of dying but living
Wouldn't that be nice?
Wouldn't that be nice?

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