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Guido & Spa People
This is the I love it i do Down the grand
grand canal, On the grand canal.
This is the canal. Row me with my
grand canal, gal.
This is the Row me, row me,
grand canal, I love it, Down the grand
I love it, I I love it, canal,
love it, I’m happy with
Row me, row me, you
Row me, row me, On the grand
It’s resemblance canal Be my bosom pal.
to life
Is not obscure.
It is filled
with the
Of human
In spite of the
It’s really a
This is the
grand canal
But don’t let that spoil your morale.
It’s still a grand canal ...
Guido Cut! Print!
Exit All except Guido, Our Lady of the Spa; Luisa, and
Our Lady of the Spa As far as I could see, his creative
life had become, by now, so closely bound to his
personal that once his personal life began to fall
apart, his creative had to fall apart as well; there
was just no separation anymore.
Guido Luisa?
Our Lady of the Spa La sua signora non e qui.
Guido Claudia?
Our Lady of the Spa La Signorina Nardi non e qui.
Guido Carla?
Our Lady of the Spa She’s at the station. (She exits.)
Guido Carla, listen, there’s been a misunderstanding here!
Carla I agree.
Guido No-no, listen, that isn’t what I mean! Look, I love
you very much! Why complicate this love? What’s between
you and me is so simple!
Carla Sure, Guido. Simple.

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