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A Call From The Vatican - text

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Guido, pronto
Signore Contini, telephone
Go ahead
Guido, I was lazing around my bedroom
When an idea occurred to me
I thought you might be
Wondering about Guido
Who's not wearing any clothes?
I'm not, my darling
Who's afraid to kiss your toes?
I'm not
Your mama, dear, is blowing into your ear
So you'll get her loud and clear
I need you to squeeze me here
And here and here
Is something wrong?
Um, I'm not sure, it's about my film
It's from the Vatican
Go head, mon Signore
Coochie, coochie, coochie coo
I've got a plan for what I'm gonna do to you
So hot, you're gonna steam and scream
And vibrate like a string I'm plucking
Kiss your fevered little brow,
Pinch your cheeks till you say, "Ow"
And I can hardly wait to show you how
Guido who won't care if you come to me tired and over-worked?
I won't, bambino
Who knows a therapy to beat what you can get from me?
I don't
But this will have to be enough for now
Guido, ciao
I love you, Guido

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