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I am Rock, it ain't no breakin' me
I am Rock, it ain't no shakin' me
I am Rock, that ain't no earthquake, it's me
I am Rock (huh) I am Rock (huh)
I am Rock, it ain't no breakin' me
I am Rock, it ain't no shakin' me
I am Rock, that ain't no earthquake, it's me
I am Rock (huh) I am Rock (huh) I am Rock

[Verse 1]
Know man could criticize me, before you try to, do me a solid
Take a short walk in my shoes, my boots, my kicks, my flip-flops, whatever
I done seen rain and I ain't just talkin' weather
But I'm a survivor
Shame on you if you thought I would ever leave
I'm a be right here where the legends be
I am unbreakable, I'm Rock, I am never weak nah
I feel weak sometimes, but you'll never see
I'm going through one of the roughest times in my entire
Life right now
Still I got a slight smile
I'm knowing it's gonna be better days, like 2Pac said
And we gon' make it like Eve & them two LOX said
Whos not fed up with something
Life's about struggling and overcoming your shortcomings
Not about huffing and puffing and crying without doing nothing
Take them sour lemons, make lemonade, and stop sulking


[Verse 2]
See, I'm Rock like coal is, old and dusty
But, y'all already know what's underneath
Give me some time, and keep applying pressure
Watch me shine like the ex-BadBoy
It'll all be fine (all be fine)
Just dig down deep, search for that energy
I can't lose, get in touch with that inner winner, G
Game face on, see this mug, you'll remember me
Focus out the pain, ignore any injury
Then again, I am Rock, can't really injure me
Chip off a piece, all you're gonna get is a little me
Got one from almost every tough time in my history
Hence the new team, ROCK BROVAAAAAAZ, are you still with me?
Got a bunch more, during my last stage of misery
My little Gz, that's strength to me, are you kidding me?
I get stronger every time they try to finish me
We don't die, we multiply, can I get a witness, please?


[Verse 3]
Sure there've been times I feel I can't go on
But I am so strong, I really can't go wrong
I am sayin' so long, I ain't goin' home
Rock Man goin' hard, 'til I can't no more

Tomorrow is Friday the thirteenth, me and bad luck
Did have beef, he can't hurt me, he can't serve me
I win every time I see him, even with all his undermining cheatin'
Every time I beat him I think the odds must be his crew (huh?)
Word, they've always been against me, too (huh?)
They can't see me neither, anyone thinking he could
Cheat me out my championship, he fool


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