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Save me, I'm drowing so deep in the darkness
I'm waiting for you touch to stop this
There's smoke blinding us with goodbyes, And I
Keep hope, cause this feeling different and I know
I've staggered so long that it can't go
Alleviate me, I'll be fine, in time
Please remember that I miss you
Young and reckless, what did we do
Broken promise gone forever
Maybe one day we'll get better
Right by your side, that's where I'll be
In a heart beat if you ask me
Let's stay strangers like we're meant to
Oh, I wonder if you miss me to
Find me, I'm waiting right here where you left me
Still shredded and bruished but I'm breathing
Be brave for me, ignore their eyes, Just try
We're dancers, and I've picked petals looking for answers
And I've received these edges from chances
Indelible, but I'll be fine, In time.
Please remember that i miss you
Not caring is so hard to do
Everything we loved together
It's not the same without you there
Feels like you there we're just beside me
How did time go by so quickly
Now we're strangers, but I miss you
Oh, I wonder if you miss me to
Please remember, don't forget me
( Please remember, I still think of you and I)
I'll be leaving this heart empty
( Tell me what does this all mean)
Burn our bridges are you still here
( Are you even still here)
Ale these endless circless do nothing and...
( These circless do nothing...)
I don't know why I can't just let you go
( And remember, I've been waiting)
Can we go back? Can we start again
( Ever since this started aching)
Because I need you
( Now we're strangers but I need you)
Oh, I wonder if you need me to
( Oh, I wonder if you need me to)

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