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[Pinkie Pie]
Hey, now, don't be sad
I know we cannot stay
But we've got a couple minutes
And a little time to play
[Princess Skystar]
I know you have important things
So it's okay, just go
[Pinkie Pie]
But we can still pick one small, little thing
To do with you, you know
One small thing, doesn't seem like a lot
One small thing, work with the time you've got
Soon, one small thing becomes two
After two, perhaps another few
Then one small thing is not so small
One small thing can be the biggest thing of all!
[Princess Skystar]
Alright, now, since you're here
Let's see what we can do
Swim with the flow until you go
Together, me and you
[Pinkie Pie]
I've got necklaces for every fish
So what else do ya got?
[Princess Skystar]
Well, we could play the bubblefish
You'll like this one a lot
One small thing, it's a good place to start (Just one small thing)
One small thing, and we don't seem so far apart (Don't seem apart)
Soon, one small thing leads to more
It's so much more than there was before
Just one small thing, and you will see
The start of something big for you and me!
[Pinkie Pie]
One small thing
Just one small thing
[Princess Skystar]
Or a tall thing
Just one tall thing
Or a sing thing
Just one singing thing
Or a bling thing
Just one blingy thing
A conga thing
Yeah, a conga thing
[Rainbow Dash]
Or a longer thing
Just one longer thing
[Pinkie Pie]
A blue thing, two thing, you thing
[Princess Skystar]
A we thing, sea thing, me thing
So many things and everything
Until our time is done
There's one small thing
For each and every one!
[Princess Skystar]
One small thing, so much we can create
You and me, we started something great
It's so amazing, look around
At all the happy sights and sounds
One small thing is big, it's true
You did this all for us
I just wish there was one small thing
An extra special kind of thing
That we could do for you
One small thing!

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