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Chorus: Dip, dive, socialize, get ready for the Saturday nite
Verse 1
Imagine wakin up solidarity is evident
Harmony rules time is irrelevant
People to places the message basic from raised fist to sit in resist to change shit
Peep this scenario to the future bro
2020 and some number of year ago
People rose up governments froze up
World wide block party everybody shows up
Up on rooftops, ghettos and hotspots
People celebrate no more souls rot
No more bloodshed over false deficit
Even hip hop gets a fuckin face lift
The latest fashion, stock markets crash in
Its Saturday time to get the party crackin
If the time and the day is right
The revolution will begin this Saturday nite
Chorus: dip, dive, socialize, get ready for the Saturday nite

Verse 2
Futuristic I'm killin em with every synonym
Sending em back with syllable venom up in em
Too terrific epitome of a pendulum
Digital rap got animal stamina in him
Son your soul and back bone where the clap come from
Action jackson matter of fact we...
Move you from the front to the back see
Plug us up and then bump this new fat beat
When this drops stores out of stock on me
Shop til you drop homie that's not me
Rush and attack from the back on 3
Stop on beat, shout world peace
Live from the block love peace oh please
We don't need bouncers or police
It�s Saturday night its nothing better
Spread the word that we coming together so come and help me now!

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