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That's All I Need by Nathan Lane - text


There's more to life than panic,
and being some other guys snack.
I may be delicious, organic,
but this little entree's fighting back.

I'm gonna put diggin' tunnels behind me,
and live at a new altitude.
I'm gonna reach for the stars to remind me,
that meerkats are not merely food!

For once I'll be,
looking out for me.

I'll tell you what I want,
this cat is moving on.
Where he's a bonlibonte,
who's missing out on the bone.
I'd be a bigger cheese,
far from the desert scenes.
A little booling breeze.
A little patch of green.

And I'll be sitting in my hammock,
by a rippling stream.
Many miles from any tunnels,
or the digging team.
Looking out for number one,
will be my only greed.
That's all I need,
That's all I need!

I've always been good at running away,
but now I'm gonna run to show.
I've always been seen as the ultimate prey,
But now my status ain't so quo.

My dreams alive,
its Hyena time!

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