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5. Only for him, only for you - text

MEG: Jesus, what a crowd.

SHOWGIRL: Nervous?

MEG: Just a bit.

SHOWGIRLS: Kid, look who you are!
The headline act!
A major star!
You're already a hit.
(Got a match?)

MEG: Wonder what he'll think...

SHOWGIRL: The boss?

MEG: If he's even here.

SHOWGIRLS: Honey please... He's here.
And in just two days,
he'll be there tossing you bouquets
at our gala premiere.
Picture it!
The cream of Manhattan!
Celebrities! Millionaires!
Watching you!

MEG: I'll be waiting in the wing,
wound up tighter than a spring,
as the house begins to dim.
And I'll practice every line,
hoping desperately to shine.
Shining only for him.

SHOWGIRLS: Just imagine how they'll cheer
At the moment you appear.

MEG: Stepping out before the scrim...!
Let them whoop and let 'em call,
I won't hear the crowd at all...

SHOWGIRLS: No, it's only for him.

MEG: Tell me how I look.


MEG: Just fine? What about my hair?

SHOWGIRL: Beautiful.

MEG: You swear?

SHOWGIRLS: Trust me, once the boss
sees how you put that song across.
Hell, he ain't got a prayer.

MEG: You mean it?

SHOWGIRLS: You'll step out into the light.
Looking lovely!
Burning bright!
All vitality and vim!

MEG: Ah-Ahh...!
And I'll rapturously float
through the melody he wrote,
singing only for him.

SHOWGIRLS: And before the music dies,
up the audience will rise,
nearly bursting at the brim!
And you'll stand there in the glow...

MEG: And perhaps, at last he'll know...

SHOWGIRL: Girls! Hurry up! We're on!

ONLOOKERS: (Where is she?) (Look! There!)
(In the center!) (Just like in the posters!)
(It's the Ooh La La Girl!) (Meg Giry!)

MEG: Welcome each and everyone
to our firmament of fun!

SHOWGIRLS: A buffet of Ballyhoo!

MEG & SHOWGIRLS: It's where Coney comes to play
and it's opening today!

MEG: And it's only for you!

And you!
And you!

MEG & SHOWGIRLS: Entertainment day and night,
sure to dazzle and delight!

MEG: And of course we'll be there too!

MEG: & SHOWGIRLS: We're so happy that you're here,
for the season's big premiere!
And it's only for you!

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