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John Dankworth - Your Memory Moved in to Stay - text


It's been the longest week
I know, I guess I miss you everyday
Now It's Sunday
And I know you flown
But your memory moved in to stay

There's my career
To help me call
But Frankly struggle
As I may
I'm carrying down the
Slippery slope
Cause the thought of you won't go away

I just become
My single life of bliss
It seems to suit me quite well
Then you've arrived with just a single kiss
I fell
Yes I know the lovely thing we have
When off the track
There's really nothing more to say
You've moved out now
There's no going back
But your memory moved in to stay

Just as I start to get back to routine
I get that vision of you
And in the moment I back to where I've been
Once more
Just the way it was before we may
Grand mistake
And all those clouds of blue turned to gray
You've moved on now
But I'm while away
And your memory moved in to stay

To stay

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