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Crazy old Maurice, hmmm?
Crazy old Maurice...
LeFou, I'm afraid I've been thinking

A dangerous pastime

I know.
But that whacky old coot is Belle's father
And his sanity's only "so-so"
Now the wheels in my head have been turning
Since I looked at that loony, old man
See, I've promised myself I'd be married to Belle
And right now I'm evolving a plan

If I...


Then we...

No! Would she...


Now I get it!

Let's go!
No one plots like Gaston

Takes cheap shots like Gaston

Plans to persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston

Yes, I'm endlessly, wildly resourceful

As down to the depths you descend

I won't even be mildly remorseful

Just as long as I (you) get what I (you) want in the end

Who has brains like Gaston?

Entertains like Gaston?

Who can make up these endless refrains like Gaston?
And his marriage we soon will be celebrating
My what a guy

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