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Ben Barnes & Robert Sheehan & Joe Echo - Slee.. - text

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Yeah, yeah, yeah



Sleep keeps playing tricks on me
Dragging on the day, while I’m waiting for the night
Darkness got a fix on me
Playing with the silence, I’m trying to keep it quiet
On two days to do the talking
You won’t hear a peep
I’m walking in my sleep

I’m walking in my sleep

Spirit of electricity
Flickers like a torch through the bones of my hand
Dreams are making a mess of me
They say I’m like a ghost
But, they don’t understand
I’m the haunted not the haunting
I need to get some peace
I’m walking in my sleep

Wake up (4x)

So, wake up!


Sleepy Head!


Shake your dreams from your head
When the breakup comes
You’re going to be nowhere
And now I need you there
When the sun goes complete
I’ll take you walking in my sleep

Walking in my sleep (2x)

Watch out!

Said, WAKE UP!!

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