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Video Překlad Karaoke
Dark Is On Fire - Turin Brakes - E08 video
Buzzin - Shwayze - E01 video
Crazy - Jem - E01 video
Fell in Love Without You - Motion City Soundtrack - E01 video
Google Me - Teyana Taylor - E01 video
Papparazzi - Lady Gaga - E01 video česky
Boy In A Rock N' Roll Band - The Pierces - E02 video
Cat Piano - Seabear - E02 video
Creator - Santigold - E02 video
NY, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down-LCD Soundsystem-E02 video
Tell Me A Lie - The Fratellis - E02 video
Closer - Ne-Yo - E03 video
I Can Feel A Hot One - Manchester Orchestra - E03 video
It's A Lot - The 88 - E03 video
Lights Out - Santigold - E03 video
Like Knives - The Fashion - E03 video
Buildings and Mountains - The Republic Tigers - E04 video
Electric Feel - MGMT - E04 video
Good Day - Nappy Roots - E04 video česky karaoke
My Morning Tide - The Little Ones - E04 video
Please Remain Calm - Cloud Cult - E04 video
Shove It - Santigold - E04 video
Fille Atomique - Nous Non Plus - E05 video
Made Concrete - The Republic Tigers - E05 video
NYC Gone Gone - Conor Oberst - E05 karaoke
Poker Face - Lady Gaga - E05 video
Raise The Dead - Phantom Planet - E05 video
This Ship Was Built to Last - Duke Spirit - E05 video
The Wake Up Song - The Submarines - E06 video
White Diamonds - The Friendly Fires - E06 video
Wooden Heart - The Duke Spirit - E06 video česky
Lies - The Black Keys - E07
One Week of Danger - The Virgins - E108, E207 video
Sea Out - Guillemots - E07 video
Snowflakes - White Apple Tree - E07
Crash & Burn Girl - Robyn - E08 video
How Soon Is Now - Tatu - E08 video
Partie Traumatic - The Black Kids - E08 video
Walking In The Streets - Mad Staring Eyes - E08 video
With Light There Is Hope - Princess One Point Five - E08 video
No New Tales to Tell - Love and Rockets - E09 video
Be Somebody - Kings of Leon - E10 video
Closer - Kings of Leon - E10 video
Echo - Cyndi Lauper - E10
Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon - E10 video
What Is A Life - Youth Group - E10 video
Bad Man's World - Jenny Lewis - E11 video
I'm A Slave For You - Britney Spears - E11 video
My Only Offer - Mates of State - E11 video
Reasons to Sing - The Crash - E11 video
Breakdown - deerheart - e12 video
The sun ain’t shining no more - The asteroids galaxy tour - E12 video
The Faint - Mirror error video
No You Girls Never Know - Franz Ferdinand video
Home Video – I Can Make You Feel It (2x19) video česky
One Silver Astronaut - Band-Aid For A Fracture (E19) video
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