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Neo of Sporin: Time is of the essence
So I need your acquiescence
If we're going to save this fellow from the grave
Galavant: What?
Neo of Sporin: Let me finish
Time is of the essence we have minutes
Maybe less, sense as you see
There's not much left of him to save
Sid: No!
Neo of Sporin: Yes, indeed
He hasn't got an awful lot of life left in his eyes
But if, in fact, we quickly act we might stop his demise, so, guys
Time is of the essence or he dies
(Takes a drink) Ahh. That's what I needed. Moving on, then
Time is of the essence
See his natural effervescence
Is succumbing to the shadow of disease
Roberta: But he just –
Neo of Sporin: What I mean is time is of the essence
Take a whiff of that putrescence
Richard: (Sniffs)
Neo of Sporin: I'm detecting notes of dill, and is that cheese?
Richard: (Sniffs again)
Neo of Sporin: Either way, I give them half an hour
That's my educated guess
Well, 20 minutes, tops
Let's call it 10, the man's a mess so, yes
Time is of the essence
Wait, unless
No, it's of the essence, but
Roberta: But?
Neo of Sporin: Perhaps we ought to pause right here to say silent mass
Roberta: Right
Neo of Sporin: Go ahead and savor it
We might as well, alas
Richard: What the hell are you –
Neo of Sporin: Wait, I have some gas
Shh, let me finish
Time is of the essence
If you've got antidepressants, take ‘em now
Your friend is on the verge of death
Sid: No!
Neo of Sporin: Let's rephrase it, time is of the essence
And there's not much point in rhyming now
Because frankly he's about to bite the –
Richard: Crescents!
Neo of Sporin: Excellent.
We did all that we could for him
But look how much he bled
We still might do some good for him if we don't let it spread
I said time is of the essence, keep your head
Time is of the essence, or he's
Galavant: (groans)
Neo of Sporin: Not dead?
Sid: Is he?
Neo of Sporin: Shh! Time is of the essence or he's…
Sorry, if only you'd gotten here sooner.
Sid: (Whimpers)

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