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Subject 1: The Queen's gonna want to take a look at this one.
The Queen: I do
King Richard: Oh no...
The Queen: You trespassed upon my kingdom
Now you are in my sway
Which basic'ly means as the Queen of all Queens
I'm going to make you pay
Subject 1: Will we be throwing him in the dungeon?
Subject 2: Or tossing him to the Bear?
The Queen: Well, one thing for sure
We'll settle the score
And trust me it's more than fair
Off with his shirt
Subjects: Yeah
The Queen: Strip him down
Don't be shy, boys go to town
I'll bet that chest is heaven blessed
So firm and cut
Off with his top
Subjects: Yeah
The Queen: Let it fly
Check that six pack
It's to die
Tell every Lance and Bruce and Curt
Off with his shirt
King Richard: Oh this is so fun. I want to fly like her, too. Someone pick me up. Pick me up too.
The Queen: Ooo, so now that you're in my power
We'll put you behind these bars
There you will stay taking orders all day
'Till Mars is aligned with Mars
For our pleasure, we'll keep you waiting
We'll adjust how long you serve
But baby, you bet
You're gonna get
The punishment we deserve
Off with his shirt
Subjects: Yeah
The Queen: That's the deal
You're a beef-cake happy meal
Go on you guys
Just feast your eyes
Until they hurt
Off with his shirt
Subjects: Yeah
The Queen: 'Till the dawn
Dig that lush pectoral lawn
Drink in those lats and traps and delts
And after that who knows what else?
So save some room boys for dessert
Oh, off with his shirt

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