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Death: Goodbye
Yes, it's time to say goodbye
Sad, I know, but, hey, you're done with living
It's time to give in
And go and so, goodbye

Funny how the time did fly
Really, it's a crime
You're heading for forever
To the great big whatever
In the sky

Don't bother packing simply say, "Sayonara"
‘Cause there ain't no tomorrow
Where you're going
Sure, we all feel for you
But things just got real for you
So why not make amends
To all your family and friends?

Sid: Goodbye
Galavant: Sid?
Sid: Sorry that I made you die
Galavant: It's not okay, Sid.
Madalena: Yeah, I'm here, I'm not sure why
Galavant: Me, either. Seriously, who invited you?
Richard: Hold me because I'm going to cry
Galavant: No.
Richard: My...
Galavant: Please.
Richard: Gal...
Galavant: Don't.
Richard: Pal
Roberta: Goodbye
Galavant: Roberta?
Roberta: Seems as though we just said hi
Galavant: Yeah, well, we did. Who's this?
Random guy: I am just some random guy
Galavant: What happened? I just ran out of friends?

Death: Come.
Galavant: I'm not leaving. Not without…Isabella. But wait, is she in trouble?
Isabella: (Gasps) Galavant?
Galavant: My love?
Isabella: War has come, and with no Gal here
Galavant: I am with you
Isabella: Beside me to support me and guide me
Galavant: In spirit
Isabella: I could fail here
Galavant: Literally
Isabella: Yet somehow, strangely, I'm sure I can do this
Galavant: Yes, you can
Isabella: Sure, I'll somehow get through this
And I sure don't need that jackass who completely broke my heart
Galavant: Wait, what?
Isabella: And like he said to me that schmuck can go die in a fart
Galavant: I didn't say that. I've never made a fart joke in my life.
Jester: You asked to see me, princess?
Isabella: Take me to the army. It's time to defend this Kingdom.
Galavant: Wait. No, Izzy, there's been a misunderstanding.

All: Goodbye
Galavant: Stop singing!
All: Now it's time to say goodbye
Galavant: No. I have to go back.
All: Wish that you could stay
Death: You can't, though, and we both know why
Galavant: No, I have to tell her –
Death: Now your big finish is nigh
Galavant: No, she has to know that I love her.
Death: Time to let death in the eye and sa-a-a-a-y
(Galavant knees Death in the groin)
Death: (Groans)
Galavant: Goodbye

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