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Wormwood: When you need a lift,
When you’re feeling low,
When you wish that things could go your way,
There’s a little gift
Everyone should know
Try it, and it’s sure to make your day!

It’s called D’Dew, D’Dew, D’Dew!
Doo d’doo doo doo!
It’s the kind of voodoo—
That we few who do D’Dew do!
Is it evil?
Sure, it’s true
Still, good things ensue
When you do D’Dew D’Dew D’Dew!

It’s simple...
Keep your shoulders straight.
Madalena: Like this?
Wormwood: Lift your chin up high
Madalena: I’ll try.
Wormwood: Think of all the happy thoughts you know
Madalena: Okay, just don’t let go!
Wormwood: Picture those you hate—
Madalena: Yup.
Wormwood: Shrieking as they die
Madalena: Got it.
Wormwood: Then just snap your fingers and hello!
And that’s D’Dew, D’Dew, D’Dew!

Madalena: Doo d’doo doo doo!
Wormwood: No one can pooh-pooh you
With this juju moving through you
Madalena: It’s taboo!
Wormwood: Well, whoop-dee-doo!
I don’t mind, do you?
Wormwood + Madalena: Not when you can do D’Dew, D’Dew!
Wormwood: And that’s D’Dew, D’Dew, D’Dew—
Madalena: Doo d’doo doo doo!
Wormwood: D’Dew, D’Dew, D’Dew—
Madalena: Doo d’doo doo!

Wormwood: You can say adieu to
Those you owe an I.O.U. to!
Wormwood + Madalena: Any dude who you’d undo,
Bid him toodle-oo!
When you do D’Dew, D’Dew, D’Dew!
Wormwood: Your highness, that’s your cue...
You know what to do—
Madalena: Time to use my new D’Dew doo doo

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