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A Good Day to Die (Reprise) - text


Galavant: It’s a good day to die
King of Valencia: We won’t, there’s one more episode
Galavant: But still... we could die
Gareth: We all know that’s a massive load of—
Galavant: Right
Still... we might

Isabella: And if we did,
We will never live ever after,
Cozy at home by the sea
You writing poems
For our seven children
Galavant: Frankly, I thought maybe three

King Richard: I’d never marry Roberta
And rule a kingdom,
Loved and respected and cheered
Known for my fair-minded ways
And my full-grown dragon
Also my full, flowing beard

Galavant + Isabella + King Richard: It’s a good day to die!
Queen of Valencia: Oh please, this isn’t Game of Thrones
Gareth: We’re not gonna die
Let’s end the song and grow some stones and fight

Jester: Or will we leave all our viewers
With pain and anger,
Just like we left them last year?
Could we just stop once again,
On a huge cliffhanger—

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