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Poor fool, he makes me laugh - text


Poor fool, he makes me laugh!
Haha! etc.
Time I tried to get a better better half!

Countess and chorus
Poor fool, he doesn´t know!
Hoho! Etc.
If he knew the truth, he´d never, ever go!

Phantom´s voice
Did I not instruct that Box Five was to be kept empty?

It´s him... I know it... it´s him...

Your part is silent, little toad!

Phantom´s voice
A toad, Madame? Perhaps it is you who are the toad...

Serafimo, away with this pretence!
You cannot speak, but kiss me in my croak!

Poor fool, he makes me laugh -
Croak, croak, croak,
croak, croak, croak, etc.

Phantom´s voice
Behold! She is singing to bring down the chandelier!

Ladies and gentleman, the performance will
continue in ten minutes´ time...
...when the rôle of the Countess will be sung by Miss
Christine Daaé.

In the meantime, ladies and gentleman, we shall be giving you the ballet from Act Three of tonight´s opera.
Maestro - the ballet - now!

Raoul! Raoul!

Christine, come with me...

Christine the roof. We´ll be safe there.

Ladies and gentleman, please remain in your seats. Do not panic. it was an accident... simply an accident...

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